Messen mit Präzision

Hultafors - Italien

The most important consideration when choosing a tape measure is precision. And, of course, whether the tape is a smart and adroit tool to use on the job. We place considerable emphasis on these considerations during the manufacturing process and have introduced a quality system that is certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

The majority of our measuring tapes are graduated using inkjet technology. By doing so, we achieve a high level of precision and achieve EU Class I, the most exact tolerance class, on both our short and long measuring tapes. Once graduated, we coat each tape with a layer of matt polyester lacquer that has an anti-reflective effect.

Tape measurement accuracy

Measurement accuracy is a very important feature of a tape measure. It is measured and stated in the form of a tolerance class. In Europe, we normally classify measuring tapes in EU Class I and EU Class II. The accuracy is measured at 20°C and 50 N pull force for steel tape and 20°C and 20 N pull force for fiberglass tape.

Changing length

Often we experience significant temperature differences between summer and winter, differences that affect the length of a steel tape measure. All tolerances quoted here apply at 20°C, so it is important to be aware of the measurement deviations for various temperatures.